Everything you need to know about Smart Dimmers – Full Guide [2020], Part 2

Making lights smart is usually the first step that beginners in the home automation take since it is quite a simple thing to do and it brings many benefits that make your home cozier, safer, and more energy-efficient. To do that, you need a smart dimmer and a dimmable light bulb...

Smartphone with five bulbs around it

Everything you need to know about dimmers – Full Guide [2020], Part 1

The times when the lights were used only to illuminate the space are far gone. With dimmers and new lighting solutions coming to the market and with the different options that it brings, adjusting lighting to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, is becoming a must in every modern home.

dimming light

Z-Wave Hub: Which One To Pick? [Full Guide 2020]

Before setting up a home automation system, the user has to make two main decisions, which are: what kind of end devices (slaves) will they be using and what gateway (master) will be used to control and receive various measurements and reports from them. For a user, who is new to the field of home automation, the world of Z-Wave technology might at first seem intimidating. And it all starts with picking the right...

Man thinking about Z-Wave gateways