Our Flush devices don’t support over-the-air (OTA) software updates (SW). Updates can be done through a custom tool and a software. We can do the updates for free; you only need to cover the shipping costs.

This may not be the optimal solution, on the other hand, most of Z-Wave gateways on the market do not support OTA updates. Consequently, even if Qubino devices supported OTA, there is a big chance you would not be able to update the SW over-the-air, since your gateway does not have this option.  

Although Qubino Smart Meter, 3 Phase Smart Meter, Smart Plug and RGBW Dimmer support OTA SW updates, we couldn’t help our customers with updates, since there was no software available for the end user, to use it for the OTA updates. In the 2019, Silicon labs decided to make the software available also for the end users. Nevertheless, the user has to get a Z-Wave USB (if he/she doesn’t already have one) and download the software to be able to update these devices.