Qubino Devices that support of the OTA firmware update are:

  • Smart Meter
  • 3 Phase Smart Meter
  • Smart Plug
  • RGBW Dimmer

Please refer to this article if you are planing to update any of the above devices.

In case you have any other Qubino device, you can refer to this article for more information.


Home Assistant with the Z-wave JS UI

  • Home Assistant
  • Select Z-wave JS on the sidebar
  • Select the Control Panel if you’re not already in it
  • Select the device you want to update by clicking on the down arrow on the left side of the selected device
  • Click on the Advanced button on the right
  • Under the Firmware update click Begin
  • Leave the target 0 (Z-wave chip)
  • Select the OTA file from your drive
  • Confirm to start the update by clicking OK
  • Wait until it is finished

When the update is finished, the device will be marked dead. The Home Assistant will need to do the re-interview of the device (node). If this doesn’t start automatically after some time, you can do it manually by clicking the Interview in the Advanced window of the selected device.

If none of this has any effect and the device is still marked dead, you can try to re-include the device.

Home Assistant with the Z-wave JS

  • Home Assistant
  • Select Device’s & Services
  • Z-wave JS devices overview
  • Select your device you want to update 
  • If an alternative name was given, copy and save the name on clipboard (needed later after re-adding the device, so automations won’t break)
  • Click on the three dotsdevice firmware update
  • Select the OTA file from your drive
  • Firmware target - select 0
  • Wait until the job is done
  • Exclude the device
  • Factory reset the device
  • Include it again
  • If an alternative name was given before, paste it from clipboard

When finished, the device is back. It is updated and works as before, only counters and custom settings are reset