Resetting the kWh of Flush Devices 

Flush devices (such as Qubino Flush 1 Relay and Qubino Flush Shutter) can have their kWh reset by the factory reset command. For more information on how to perform the factory reset, please refer to this article. Alternatively, you can keep reading this article for other methods.

Note: The Smart Meter and 3 Phase Smart Meter will not reset the kWh if they are reset to factory settings, as the meters have the kWh counters reset in other ways.

The methods below will reset the kWh meters of any Qubino device: 

Resetting the kWh Counters via the Gateway App Interface 

The gateway usually has a button or command to reset the counters. When pressed, it sends the METER_RESET command to the device, which resets the kWh resettable counters


Example of reet power metter button

Reset the Counters Sending RAW Command

In the gateway application, check where you can send raw (hexadecimal) commands to the device. Choose the device, insert and send this command 0x32, 0x05. In some cases, only the 32 05 numbers need to be inserted, as in the example below.


Reset the Energy in Smart Meters