What is an Auto-inclusion and how does it work? 

It is a Z-Wave command that a Z-Wave device sends automatically, without any interaction from the users to add/include device in the Z-Wave gateway.

Most Qubino devices have this feature. The command is sent automatically a few seconds after the device is powered up and sent out only for the first minute after being powered. After that, manual inclusion is still possible. 

To start Auto-inclusion automatically, the device must be excluded from the gateway and without the Node ID assigned. The device and the gateway must be powered. If the Node ID is still assigned, you can check the following article to remove it.


What Is SmartStart and how does it work?

The SmartStart is a new way of “automatic inclusion”. The feature enables an easy inclusion of a SmartStart device to a SmartStart compatible gateway by scanning the QR code on the device with a smartphone.

The Qubino device that supports SmartStart has a DSK QR code on a label. When QR code is scanned, it sends the data of the device to the gateway, which contains the information about the device. When the data is sent, the gateway adds the device to a list of SmartStart devices. Once those devices are powered up, they are automatically integrated into the gateway with the secure S2 scheme. 

Qubino devices with SmartStart:

Luxy Smart Light

Luxy Smart Switch

Smart Leak Protector

Flush On/Off Thermostat 2

Mini Dimmer - from firmware ver. 31.00+

All the other Qubino devices support Auto-inclusion.