Both Qubino Smart Meters (3-Phase Smart Meter and Smart Meter) can be updated over the air (OTA). To do that you need an OTA file and a gateway/platform/software that can update Z-wave devices using the Z-wave OTA file. In case you don’t have a gateway that enables OTA update, we can provide links for a free software download that you can use for the update. In this case you need a Z-Wave USB and a PC with windows installed.

Before using the newest OTA file, you should know that the older models can’t be updated to the newest firmware. That is because the older models do not have the S2 secure inclusion. This kind of security needs to be hard-coded and this can only be done by the manufacturer.

To find out if your 3-Phase Smart Meter or Smart Meter supports OTA, you must check the Z-wave DSK QR code. It can be found on the label on the side of the device. You can also find it in the device's packaging box. If it has a code, it can be updated. 

The RGBW dimmer do not need to be verified as it have the OTA available from the first release on.

Here are some examples of the QR DSK codes:

Smart Meter:

Note: In some cases the DSK QR code can be on a different side of the label.

3 Phase Smart Meter:

Note: In some cases the DSK QR code can be on a different side of the label.

Smart Plug 16A:

Extra labels in the box:

Another important detail that you must know the frequency at which the Smart Meter works. If you install the wrong one, you will not be able to include the Smart Meter to your gateway. 

Smart Meters have the firmware that works on EU or Russian frequency.
- Qubino 3 Phase Smart Meter - ZMNHXD1 works on the EU frequency
- Qubino 3 Phase Smart Meter - ZMNHXD4 works on the Russian frequency
- Qubino Smart Meter - ZMNHTD1 works on the EU frequency
- Qubino Smart Meter - ZMNHTD4 works on the Russian frequency

Once you have all the information if the device supports the latest OTA update, you can request the OTA file by opening a ticket and write in the subject Smart Meter DSK checked - yes in case your device do not support the OTA updates or you're not sure about it write Smart Meter DSK checked - no.

Do not forget to fill out the rest of the ticket as follows:

  • Your Email: your email and name
  • Subject: Smart Meter DSK checked - yes or no
  • You're opening a ticker for: requesting OTA
  • OTA device name: Choose for which device you're asking the OTA (choose also the both parts of the SN)
  • Serial number: If you can get it write it here, otherwise this field can be left blank
  • PN scanned QR: can be left blank 
  • Country: your country
  • I'm using Gateway: must be filled, in order to receive the right reply
  • Dealer: who or where do you buy the device from
  • Are you a professional installer?: yes or no
  • Description: if you have anything to add you can write it here.