The main differences of the two Qubino dimmers are summed up in the table below.

Mini DimmerFlush Dimmer
Dimensions (WxHxD)
 38 x 33,5 x 15,5 mm
 41,8 x 36,8 x 16,9 mm
Output circuit power
Resistive load: 200W (240Vac) / 90W (110Vac)
LED lights:  150W  (240Vac) / 70W (110Vac)
Resistive load: 144W (240Vac) / 66W (110Vac)
LED lights: 30W (240Vac) / 15W (110Vac)
Security levelS2Unsecure
Light Calibration
AutomaticNo needed
Status signalisation
LED light
Option to connect a temperature sensor
Option to connect extra input (used as binary sensors)