• Connect the device to the power supply
    • Within the first minute (60 seconds) the device is connected to the power supply, toggle the switch connected to the I1 terminal 5 times within 3 seconds
      (5 times change switch state - The device has to get On/Off signal 5 times, meaning 5 times push of the push button or with the normal button On / Off / On / Off /On / Off / On / Off / On / Off)

      Note:"This proces can be repeated multiple times in a row during the 1 minute. Example after the device is reconnected toggle the switch 5 times within 3 seconds wait 5 seconds and retry to toggle the switch 5 times within 3 seconds, wait 5 seconds retry..."


      If the device is powered by 24 V SELV supply, press and hold the S (Service) button for more than 6 seconds

ⓘ By resetting the device, all custom parameters previously set on the device will return to their default values, and the owner ID will be deleted. Use this reset procedure only when the main gateway (hub) is missing or otherwise inoperable