Our Smart Meter and 3 Phase Smart Meter can measure and display power in both directions: Import (consumed electricity arrow to the right symbol) and Export (produced electricity arrow to the left symbol) simultaneously. 

The 3 Phase Smart Meter has four kWh counters divided into two sets. The non-resettable set is marked "nr" on the LCD display, while the resettable set is marked "r" on the LCD display. The non-resettable set is required for MID certification, and cannot be reset, while the resettable set can be reset and is sent to the gateway. Both the resettable and non-resettable counters have one counter for Import (consumed) energy and one for Export (produced) energy, which are reported to the gateway.*

*Note: The gateway must support the export values to make the values visible. Please refer to the compatibility table for the 3 Phase Smart Meter and the Smart Meter.

Energy counters are displayed as shown on the LCD examples below (up to 2 resettable counters, letter "r" represents it). At the top of the screen, the settings of the energy counter (import or export) are displayed. The 8-digit numerical number shows the value of the energy, and the letter at the bottom shows the actual activity (counting (A)/not counting ( )).

Meters display resettable counters (letter "r" represents it). 

Slika, ki vsebuje besede besedilo 
Opis je samodejno ustvarjen
The image above shows meters with non-resettable counters (letters "nr" represent it). 

Counter 1 shows: Import Active Energy = 6250.3 kWh 

Counter 2 shows: Export Active Energy = 70352.5 kWh

Note: The single-phase Smart Meter only has resettable counters available for access via the gateway, as it does not have an LCD screen from which non-resettable values can be viewed.