The Qubino Shades Remote Controller can work with or without gateway (hub).  

The way to set either method is described below:

Remote without the gateway (hub):

  • Start the inclusion on the remote. Press and hold the + and - buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until sign A appears on led display, after that release the buttons.

  • Press the UP button that will trigger the inclusion device process, during which sign A will flash slowly for 60 seconds.
    Note 1: Pressing STOP button during 60-second timeout will stop the inclusion process.
    Note 2: If included device excesses remote’s capability, this means that all channels are full. LED will display F and exit inclusion device process. 

  • To start the inclusion process, trigger the device that you want to add to the remote (i.e., Qubino Shutter) - more details on in this article -> Adding the device to a Z-Wave network (Inclusion)

  • After a successful inclusion process, channel numbers of the newly added device, such as 1,2, etc... will appear on the LED display.

  • If the inclusion process fails, sign F will appear on the LED display and the remote will exit the inclusion state. Repeat the process from the beginning.


Remote and shutters included in the gateway (hub):

Include both remote and shutter in the gateway (hub). After that, without any exclusion, enable inclusion process on the remote and include the shutter in the remote.

Associations are done and the remote is ready to be used. The remote will know which command to send by each devices type that is included (either on/off, or dimmer/shutter). (on/off devices) Switch binary on/off, or switch multilevel change UP, DOWN, STOP (multilevel devices)   


  • Trigger the primary gateway to enter the inclusion state (for details, refer to the operating instructions of the gateway).

  • Press and hold reset button on the back of the remote (above the battery case) for 3 seconds. When the sign L appears on the LED display, release the button. During the inclusion process, sign L on display flashes slowly for 60 seconds. While inclusion is still in process press and hold on (+) or (–) button to prevent remote going to sleep mode.
    Note: Pressing STOP button during 60 second will stop the inclusion process

  • After successful inclusion, sign d will appear on the display.

  • If inclusion process fails, sign F is displayed and the remote will exit the inclusion state.

After the remote is included, you must include the shutter (s) to the gateway too If the shutters are already included in the gateway (hub), you can skip the next step and start the inclusion on the remote (link up)

To include the devices that you want to add in the gateway (i.e., Qubino Shutter), check the inclusion process of the device. For the Qubino devices you can check the following article -> Adding the device to a Z-Wave network (Inclusion).

Once you have added all the devices to the gateway (hub), you have to associate them to the remote. See the paragraph: Remote without the gateway (hub). Repeat the steps for each of the device (Shutter) you have.