Make your garage door "Smart"

The Qubino Flush 1D Relay can be used to make your garage door smart by simply adding the module to the system you already have. There's no need to remove anything from the existing door system.

To upgrade your garage doors to smart, add the Flush 1D Relay in parallel with button/switch/key you're using to open and close the garage door.

The Flush 1D Relay can be powered with 110 VAC, 230 VAC, or 24 VDC. For the latter, we recommend using the SELV (if possible). If the garage door system is on 24 VDC, you can connect the Flush 1D Relay to the same power supply. If this is not possible, just add a 24 VDC power supply.

Basic wiring scheme for the Flush 1D Relay, where the 24 VDC is used also for the load:

Standard garage door system:

What do you need

To upgrade your garage door system to smart, you need to install the Flush 1D Relay behind the button as shown below:

Power source wiring diagrams:

There are a few ways in which the Qubino Flush 1D Relay can be connected to a power source:

  1. To 110 VAC or 230 VAC.
  2. To 24 VDC separate power supply.
  3. To the 24 VDC power from the control unit (if the control unit has 24 VDC extra power outputs available).

When you connect the Flush 1D Relay to the garage door and the gateway (hub), you must set Parameter no. 11 - Turn Load 1 (Q⬆) Off Automatically with Timer. This must be set to put the relay in working mode with a short press of the button. This setting may vary from a few milliseconds up to a second or two. You must find the right timing of the control unit of the garage door. In case you use milliseconds, you will have to set the Parameter no. 15 to value 1, which enables milliseconds on Parameter 11. When it is set, you will be able to control your garage door via your smartphone in addition to your ordinary set of control.

Add sensor to know the door state

If you want to know if the door is closed, you can add a sensor at the bottom of the door and connect it to the I2 of the Flush 1D Relay. This way, the closed state will be reported to you.

In this case, you must set automation for the I2 of the Flush 1D Relay in the gateway (hub), so you will be notified when the sensor is closed (the door is down/closed).


Know even more about your garage door state

If you want to go a bit further, you can add the Qubino Flush 2 Relays which will report three different states of the door - closed, moving, and open.

Just connect the Flush 2 Relays and 2 sensors to the power source. After that, you will have to set the rules (automation) for the states in the gateway (hub).