The 3-Phase Smart Meter has four different energy counters, two for import energy (energy that is consumed) and two for export energy (energy that is produced).

Import and export energy counters are divided according to 2 sets of values: the non-resettable (marked nr on the LCD) and the resettable (marked r on the LCD).

The non-resettable counters are used because the smart meter is MID certificated, and these two counters cannot be reset. The other two can be reset and they are the ones that send values to the gateway. 

How to reset the counters?


  1. Using the gateway app - UI button
    Some gateways already have the command for resetting the counters in the app UI.


  2. Using the gateway app - UI command
    If the gateway does not have an option to reset the counter, but it does have an option to send RAW command, you can use the command in hexadecimal 32 05



  3. Using the Smart Meter’s LCD screen
    You can reset the values directly on a device, using the special menu on the device LCD. To enter the sub menu, press the right button (3 circular arrows) and hold it for 3 seconds. You move to the set menu with short presses on the right button and enter by holding the right button. On the set menu, you will find the rSt cnt menu. Once you are in, hold the right button, and rst1, rst2, rst3, rst4 and rst All will appear. With short presses on the right button choose the value you want to reset, then press and hold the right button to reset it.

    rst1 - In kWh
    rst2 - in out kvarh
    rst3 - kVAh
    rst4 - out kWh
    rst All - all the counters


You can find more about how to use and navigate through the LCD screen in the LCD user manual here.