The device is preset so that it can work with most of the shading motors, nevertheless, there may be some exceptions. 

If the device doesn’t work properly, e.g. it stops working after a few seconds, we’ve prepared a list of things to check with explanations, so you can make sure, that your Shutter is properly setup depending on the motor of your shading system. 

First check, if the motor has the end limit switches or in other words does the motor stops automatically when the roller reaches the top and the bottom?  

  • If yes, the Shutter must be calibrated with the automatic calibration. Parameter 78 set to 1, the Shutter will do a full up and down run and like this measure the time needed to do the movement and it will store that time to use for the calculation of the position and the percentage movement.

  • In case that there are no limit switches, you must do a manual calibration. This means, run the roller down with the in wall switch, from the highest point to the bottom position and measure the time needed. The same timing must be done, for the opposite direction – from the bottom position, to the top. Sum both timings and divide by 2. You must set this value as the parameter 74. E.g. if you measure that it will need 15 second to make the move you have to set 150 as the value of the parameter 74 while the shutter is in the positioned on the 0 value in the gateway if connected according to the manual that should be open. 


Apart from that the device has a safety feature that prevents powering the motor if there's a problem (e.g. the motor doesn’t react). This is done by measuring the power on the lines that control the motor. Since there are a lot of different motors, with different power, you may have to set this value. This is the parameter 76 and parameter 85. 

The parameter 76 is used to set the minimum power, that means if the motor is below this power value, it’s turned OFF or not working. The default value set is 30 W, which may be enough for most of the motors. The Shutter measures the power and if in the given time (parameter 85) the power doesn't go over 30 W, the Shutter will "think" that the motor is not working and it will switch OFF the power supply to the motor, consequently the roller/blinds will stop moving. 


Check if the motor while moving consumes more than 30 W in less than 3 sec (default value of the parameter 85) when turning it on. The Shutter reads the power and reports it back to the gateway. If the W are not reported, or the reports are not consistent, there's a chance, the resistor that measures the power, was damaged. In many cases the reason lies in the inrush current. In this case you have 2 options, whether you set the device to work with the parameter 74 or replace the device. If you opt for replacement, we would advice to install the RC snubber with the new device.