Around the 4.11. - 7.11. we have received more tickets coming in about the problems after upgrading the Qubino app on the Homey gateway. 

We want to clarify that the Qubino app in the Homey is not maintained from the Qubino developers but from the Homey development team. 

The app was updated and among other things they add the 2 of our new devices to the app. The Mini Dimmer and the Thermostat 2.

We inform the Athom team explaining the situation. They reply promptly and send us explanation and the link to the announcement they made and was sent to also to their users:


I believe it's best if the users remove the old devices and pair them again. They should have received an email about this from us too. All information can be found in that email, which is also online accessible. You may direct users to here:[UNIQID]

The users also reported that the inclusion was not possible, and that the solution to that is to reset the device  to default. After that the Qubino device can be included back in the gateway.