To create a smart home and control it really couldn't be simpler. To control Z-Wave devices in your home or flat, so creating a SMART HOME, you will need:

A Z-Wave control unit - Z-Wave IP Controller or IP Gateway, which lets you control your home both locally (when at home) and remotely from anywhere using the Internet. All you need is to connect using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Z-Wave devices - all Z-Wave devices we offer, such as wireless sensors and detectors, power meters, wireless thermostats, light switches and dimmers, IP cameras, door locks, power sockets or blinds, window shutters and garage door control modules. Internet connection - if you want to remotely control your home or house, it is important to have an active Internet connection. If there is no Internet connection, you can still control your Z-Wave devices locally using a tablet or mobile phone or Z-Wave remote controllers.